June 3, 2009

Why Hello

I am a bad blogger.

I am feeling uninspired.

I'm also a fan of instant gratification, and simply do not understand why I am not yet a bloggilionaire. Or a Zumbillionaire. Or any other kind of "-illionaire."

Perhaps you might say I am invested in highly unrealistic expectations.

I am also a cranky pants.

I will choose to blame my lady hormones, which at this moment are rubbing their hands together maniacally, developing all kinds of cruel and unusual ways to stir my sanity in a frothing swirl of Crazy.

I have yet to find a job that doesn't drive me to tears, boredom and unfulfillment.

I have still not succeeded in drugging Jared and forcing him to wed me immediately, at which point he will be legally obligated to move into a glorious Hoboken apartment with me.

This is not where I thought I would be.

(I know. I know. "Life is what happens while you're making other plans" and all that. But still. I'm waiting for MORE.)


angeltreats said...

You know what, I could have written this entire blog post myself. Apart from the forcing the other half to get married immediately bit - I did manage to do that. But the rest of it is all completely me. It makes me feel slightly better to know that I'm not the only one :)

Alexandra said...

Aw i hear ya girl (although I admit I have no clue what the hell zumba is, much less a Zumbillionaire). On a positive note.....you watching So You Think You Can Dance?? I lerrrrrve that show.

Kathryn said...

um, of COURSE i'm watching SYTYCD. i am more than a wee bit obsessed with that show. (though by mid-season i will be crying about how i want to go to dance class EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL DAY).

and zumba is a dance fitness class that uses international rhythms/music... aka super fun and awesome music and a great workout!

Alexandra said...

Ooh top 20 is announced! I had taped it and finally saw it all last night. What was with Mia being so extra harsh to that one sporty, buff dancer guy? I also thought they were extra harsh to the blonde who was (i think?) Katee's roomie. I know she was off, but there were other's who were off too and they got a chance to dance fer their lives.
I'm excited though. There are so many in the Top 20 that we didn't get to know during the auditions, so i'm psyyyyyched!