July 2, 2009

The Big Love

And the worst part - yes, there is a worst part - is that even when you think you've figured all this out, you haven't.  Even when you think you've got it all down, you don't.  Even when you think you've gone and made it all conscious, it isn't.  You just think it is.  Even now, you're probably convinced you've figured this stuff out.  You're probably thinking, yes, I used to be just like you, but then I did the work, I ironed out the kinks in my psyche, I found the right person, we do mirroring exercises with each other, we've pulled back our projections, and now I'm happy.  And I'm not saying you're not happy.  I'm juts saying this:  Beware of happiness.  Because happiness tends to be temporary.

The Big Love, Sarah Dunn

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