August 10, 2009

After this weekend...

I want to move to NYC* more than ever.
Thought I was over that whole thing, but apparently not.

Is it wrong that the main reason I want to move there is to take amazing dance and zumba classes?

Oh. And for good food.

*obviously Hoboken will more than suffice.
{photo by astrycula}


Brandi said...

I am SO going to miss New York food once I'm in San Diego. I heard they have awful pizza. And I can testify that they have horrible bagels. But maybe it's a sign. Maybe my purpose in life is to build one good pizza/bagel/cupcake-and-whatever-other-desserts-I-feel-like-making place in San Diego.
But oh my New York...

The Design Boards said...

I know what you mean, I left 4 months ago to move to Florida and I miss it every day!