August 4, 2009

Kitchen Envy

When Mama goes on a must-refinish-the-kitchen-cabinets binge (long story), we suddenly find ourselves cabinet-door-free. And you know, I've kind of grown to love it. Having to actually OPEN a cabinet door to retrieve dishes is really just so much more work.
Don't you just love the simple decoration of nicely stacked and organized dishes?


Brandi said...

I completely agree. I think I may be subconsciously preparing myself for such a state as I currently seem to have developed the bad habit of always leaving the kitchen cabinets open after I've gotten what I needed from them. Now, this normally wouldn't be so bad, but when you couple it with my natural tendency to bump into things, it results in some lovely black and blues.

So yes, I'm all for some lovely shelves and nicely stacked plates, bowls, etc.

Linda said...

Well, my dear, Im glad the "kitchen cabinet" debacle has provided you with the love of open cabinets. I aim to please!!!

Anonymous said...

open shelves are only good IF
a. you never cook anything
b. you only have a few things and you use and wash them daily.
c. you have NO pets

Why-- everything on your lovely open shelves will get greasy and grimy and dusty and
Boo and Pippi will redecorate for you!