August 5, 2009


In my many travels thru the land of wedding blogs - a journey that is inevitably filled with much head-shaking - I have come to a conclusion.

A non-revelation which seems so straightforward, and yet absent from the blogosphere...

No one cares about your wedding as much as you

See? It's kind of a "duh" moment, and yet... when you really think about it...

1. This is your wedding. YOURS.
You and your fiance should really be the only ones making big decisions here. Whether it's the guest list, dress code, reception location, officiant, etc. - it's all you. Your day. Your marriage. Your choice. 

2. Seriously. No one cares as much as you.
I love a sweet little detail as much as the next girl - perhaps even MORE than the next girl - and yet all those fleeting details - those fleeting and expensive details... the exquisitely wrapped favors and letter-pressed hand-calligraphy-ed invitations... if your guests even briefly notice and smile before turning back to chatting with loved ones and boogying on the dance floor, consider yourself lucky. Stop getting all bridezilla on behalf of your guests. If they're getting invited in the first place, hopefully it's because they care a lot about you and your future-spouse. I highly doubt they care about the color of your table linens.

End ranty revelation.

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Brandi said...

Oddly enough, my boyfriend's sister and I were discussing precisely this today. We both agreed: the wedding thing has gotten really out of control.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll have a better perspective on this after you've gone through labor, sat up all night with a febrile baby, sat in the emergency room with a kid with a broken wrist and done your best to console them when the love of their life leaves them.

PS That doesn't mean you shouldn't make all the choices, but you shouldn't underestimate how important a day it is for the ones that raised you!