September 24, 2009

Goal: Unplug

That's what I did yesterday.

I had the day off, and a long list of errands and projects to work on. I vowed not to turn on my computer all day.

It was so incredibly refreshing. I've been wanting to try and get control of my Internet addiction for a while, but reading Julia Child's inspirational story and zest for life forced me to finally DO IT.
It's just become such a terrible habit - it's so easy to plop in front of the computer and get lost in other people's stories and designs and homes and projects.

My goal is to stop being so passive (Internet, HGTV) and start DOING (create write, read, create).

I'm also in a highly domestic mood - so much of my DOING will most likely be cleaning, organizing, decorating, and baking. I made snickerdoodles last night. They're delish. I'm going to start baking at least one recipe a week from Martha's Cookie and Cupcake books.
I'm going to start accomplishing things.

{photo by functoruser}


Brandi said...

Good for you! I'm only jealous that I'm not in NJ to take advantage of the baking mood.

Anonymous said...

Add DANCE to you list!


Linda said...

Well you HAVE been accomplishing!! Dont forget "Purging Sunday" last weekend! That was awesome! Im going to grab on to your 'accomplishing" coat tails and follow your lead!!!