October 12, 2009

Palmer Square

In the process of revising my future housing expectations - since, you know, it'd be super great if my home was actually located in the general vicinity of my workplace (aka - not Hoboken) - I've been browsing Princeton apartments.

And good gracious, wouldn't you know I've just hit the virtual jackpot.

RIGHT in the center of town.  
RIGHT above one of the best ice cream places in the state.
RIGHT across from the gorgeous university. 
And RIGHT across from a J. Crew.

I'm experiencing palpitations of longing.



Brandi said...

I would consider it a sign from the heavens.

So, staying in Princeton?

Anonymous said...

well it is cute, but it is the size of a matchbox, AND being above the best ice cream place would probably necessitate a larger abode, at least for the future as you OUTGROW your surroundings!!! and across from Jcrew. Now youre talking insanity my dear!!!

burrito said...

who needs more than a matchbox-sized apartment when you're in a good location? above an ice cream shop is swoon worthy, as is that front door - I would LOVE to come home to such a charming entrance!

Stacey Snacks said...

How much is this place?
If you don't take it, I will!
I would love a pied de terre above The Bent Spoon and Thomas Sweets!

I love it! and it's not small compared to nyc standards.