November 8, 2009

Kitchen Envy

This Before and After blows my mind.

The most interesting part is that the Before - with the dark wood cabinets - i
s probably what a lot of people would consider a pretty decent, classic kitchen.  
Of course, the mismatched appliances would have to go (and buyers would whine that they're not stainless steel), but otherwise, not totally horrendous.

But when you check out the After - there's just no comparison. Even the white "outdated" oven/stove looks perfect in the space.  
Some paint and new fixtures on the bottom cabinets.
Chalkboard paint for the fridge.
Then those lovely open shelves.
My goodness it's just brilliant.

Here's Miss Pure Style Home's rundown on the updating process.

1 comment:

Brandi said...

How fantastic! I love what a huge change this was.

I want a chalkboard paint fridge.