November 23, 2009

Monday Notes...

Dear Green Hyundai in front of me on the way to work this morning,
You are the blight that plagues New Jersey roadways.
Driving 30 mph in a 50 mph speed zone.
Swerving from side to side as you applied your entire makeup arsenal.
Sitting at a light sorting coupons or reading scraps of paper or WHATEVER IT WAS YOU FELT TO DO THAT IMPEDED MY PROGRESS.

Dear Corporate gods,
Human beings were not meant to work 40+ hours a week. We were not meant to waste away in front of a computer with numb rumps and glazed watery eyes under the gleam of flourscent lights.

Dear Roadways of NJ,
We were not meant to sit in traffic with a bunch of crazies applying make up and sorting coupons and travel an hour to get to aforementioned cubicle hell.

Dear Muscles,
I'm sorry you feel sad and tight and are beginning to wither away because I couldn't take you to ballet class today. Sometimes work gets in the way of fun.

Dear Self,
Why can't you be more accepting of this work-for-aliving lifestyle and grow accustomed to repetitive tasks and stifling boredom?