November 19, 2009

Ode to a Croissant

O' croissant.
Sweet heavenly almond chocolate croissant.
Never did I truly know that ye' existed.
You were not what I was seeking
on this autumnal November morn.
Nay, a muffin craving had overtaken my soul -
a lemon poppyseed muffin craving -
and for 48 hours had plagued my adled mind.
I finally consented
and stopped in Bon Appetite on my way to work.
A mere three flavors to choose from.
A chocolate marble muffin into my bag.
One bite on the way to the car.
A disgrace!
I then meandered to Witherspoon Bakery
on my way to work
where, alas, they had not a single muffin in sight.
But -
praytell -
what is that I see?
A chocolate almond croissant?
A flakey croissant top,
a moist and buttery cake center,
a hint of almond and smooth chocolate filling.
My tummy groans
with three days worth of calories
yet it is happy
so happy.
O' heaven, I have found thee!*
*written in an over-sugared delirium.

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