November 16, 2009

Perfect Little Apartment

I'm more and more intrigued lately with maximizing small spaces.  
When you think about it, how much of your home do you actually use anyway?  
So much wasted space.
I think I'm just getting increasingly fed up with all the Crazies on HGTV who find everything too small... too small... always too small.  
If I hear one more person complain about the "small" master bathroom - which could easily function as another bedroom - I'm going to scream.
Do you really need 3700 square feet for two people and an infant?  
I think not.

Whatever happened to less is more?

We have too much of everything here.
Obesity.  SUVs.  Homes.  Want want want.  
Don't get me started...

{photos from desire to inspire via lake jane}


Rebecca said...

Yes! Totally. My condo is 650 sq ft and I love it. My apartment before that was 500 sq fit. It really is all about maximizing small spaces. I once read a feature on a couple with a newborn who lived in 650 sq ft - loved that. I have never felt cramped and I can clean everything from ceiling to floor in an hour. It's also cheaper to design since you don't have so much space to fill.

Linda said...

you go girl!!

burrito said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I love the idea of maximizing use of a space. My dream is to have a small place where every bit of space is given a function/double function, like on a boat. For now, I tuck myself and my boyfriend into a 600sqft condo and love it, though my floor loom sometimes gets in the way - haven't found a good solution for that yet.

Meg said...

Hee. I'm always screaming back at HGTV. The best is how they always want a 1,000 finished basement for their infants "toys." I mean HOW MANY TOYS DOES HE HAVE??

Says the girl happy as a clam in her 750 square foot apt (maybe that big?)

the sassy kathy said...

hooray! i'm so glad i'm not alone! look at all of these like-minded sane souls :)

The Lil Bee said...

I couldn't agree more. I lived in a *tiny* studio apartment in the city and it was one of my favorite living spaces ever. So much character, and it forced me to be creative with my furniture, arrangements, everything.

Also, that top photo makes me want to hurl my house out its own window and start fresh. SO gorgeous.

Sorry house...just kidding;)