December 8, 2009


Sunday, December 6, 2009 goes down in history as perhaps the most productive day of all time

  • Scoured bathroom
  • Cleaned, purged, organized bathroom cabinets/drawers
  • Cleaned, purged, organized linen closet
  • Organized top shelf of bedroom closet (aka sweatshirt/sweatpant mountain)
  • Dusted room
  • Helped bring up all Christmas decorations from basement - set up 2 Christmas trees, hung garland on banister
  • Put all photos in frames, planned gallery wall
  • Went on a walk around the block
  • Watched the Giants game
  • Went to Walmart for nails and brads to hang said gallery wall
  • Retrieved delicious eggplant parmesean subs for dinner
  • Hung entire gallery wall (FINALLY. after stepping over scattered frames for nearly 2 months)
  • Watched an unnecessarily depressing episode of Brothers & Sisters
  • Slept.


Brandi said...

And do we ever get to see a picture of said gallery wall???

Anonymous said...

OK here is my list for the corresponding Sunday:
one trip to shoprite [barely got out with my life.....]
put up one Christmas tree
made three million trips to attic to find winter clothes[found about half]
and get out the bows for decorating the yard for Christmas
put away all the pumpkins and turkeys
took out all the Christmas candles
[still need to tackle getting the decorations out and up on the tree]
Chased 2 kittens away from playing hockey with rocks & plants incessantly. Finally gave up on behavior modification and tossed plant out in the cold to die-- family voted against tossing kittens out in the cold......
Made a wonderful flounder and mushroom dinner with wild rice and fresh green beans
Fell into bed
Can't remember if we watched anything on TV.......