December 2, 2009

Dear Will Schuester,

I love your curly locks.
I love your dapper cardigans, collared shirts, and skinny ties.
I love your sassy singing face.
I love your incredible dance moves.
And tonight I really loved how you were even CUTER when you were so very very mad.

well well well
i just found a photo of him in his boxers

and then a video
of him
in said boxers

you can thank me later

{photo via here; photo + video via here}


Brandi said...

That video is hysterical.
I heart Glee.

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

Oh my goodness. I love Glee (my husband teases me, especially when I'm singing along to the soundtrack in my car...) but this just adds something entirely new. Wow. Thank you for this post!!
I work with someone who went to high school with Matthew Morrison! Same graduating class. They said he was quite cute even then. :-)

Anonymous said...

I knew Matthew Morrison was a good looking, great actor. The look on his face when Jemma touches him in the beginning of the song almost breaks your heart with the love/yearning it conveys. I didn't know he had that chest and those abs! Woo-hoo!