January 21, 2010


What's missing from real life that's sent us all clamoring for the anonymity of the Internet?
We're all so lost in the blur of life and buzz of technology that we're forgoing real face to face contact - real conversations, real martinis sipped on real wooden barstools - in favor of colliding daily with the html personalities of strangers around the world.

We all so badly want to be voyeurs.
To look at others lives.
To compare.
To see how we measure up.
To see how the other half live.
How both halves live.
What we're missing.

But by looking, we're missing it.

1 comment:

Meg said...

Maybe. Sometimes I think maybe. I mean, I see it.

But. I also feel like by writing, I live a lot deeper. And I learned the voyeur lesson a long time ago - because what people seem to see when they look at APW is not the reality of one girl and one keyboard.

But I'm very big on wooden things (like the wooden case to sheild me from the screen of my iphone). And things with no screens (like my holga camera and my moleskin notebook.) And bar stools. And craft cocktails made very very slowly. And books. And laughter. And friends.

And writing to help yourself to dig deeper into it.