January 24, 2010

This Weekend

Met some of my closest girlfriends for dinner and martinis
all looked post-work cute and stylish
giggled/howled raucously for four and a half hours
befriended/tortured the waiter
felt young and fun

stopped at sister's off-campus college house to drop off an aerobed
in the midst of a Jersey-Shore inspired party
walked in wearing a silk scarf and buttoned up Via Spiga wool dress coat
felt old
very old
felt college slipping further and further away

sweaty and stretchy and content after ballet class
frantic errands
met with officiant
saw words "bride" and "groom" on paper
reality hit
getting married!
sweet perfect dinner date
shrimp and roasted garlic ravioli + orange crush martini
gobbled tartufo and chocolate pudding couchside while watching Chuck

got spammed
sent hundreds of grammatically incorrect emails about electronics
to everyone i have ever emailed in my life
(thru "L")
sent apology
hellos from dozens of people I haven't spoken to in ages
spam is a good way to keep in touch
byebye jets
(xoxo mark sanchez)

goodnight weekend.
hello monday.

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