January 3, 2010


I just finished my 3rd John Updike novel.

Marry Me.

I swear, all this man can write about are small-town couples having incessant affairs.
Perhaps the cover art is a good indication of the content...

The writing is beautiful. I love reading his books.
But it's getting somewhat depressing to realize that his entire worldview revolves around unfaithfulness.
He makes it seem like affairs are simply a fact of life.
Human nature.
Not to be avoided.

(At least I'm READING again. After Infinite Jest I found myself in a book list paralysis. Nothing could live up to that exacting standard. Now, I'm back in business.)

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jenelisebeth said...

I love John Updike. I'm currently re-reading his Rabbit series. And yes, it's about a small-town family and their relationships, etc. But the writing is superb and makes everything utterly fascinating!