February 1, 2010


My office has decided to install solar panels, which is very green and all, but it sounds like the roof is going to collapse on our heads. It should also be noted that we THOUGHT they installed solar panels this summer - when we also suffered thru 2 weeks of mind-numbing, headache-inducing hammering and crashing about overhead. But it turns out they were FIXING the roof prior to solar panel installation. So now we get to experience the aural joy all over again.

This is not a tap tap tap on the roof. This is a your-head-is-about-to-be-crushed-by-many-tons-of-falling-equipment/workers/roofing sound.

Before I literally screeched in fear at my cubicle. I was momentarily embarrassed. Then I decided not to feel bad because the screams of my colleagues randomly crying out "WOW" or "AHH" has been echoing around the office for the past few hours.

Happy Monday.


Brandi said...

I was about to say...I totally thought that's what all the noise was this summer. My favorite part was, when sitting at my desk, you'd hear a big boom overhead and then a bunch of debris would fall on you or just slightly to the side of you.
What was that all about?!

Anonymous said...

When they were doing work above my floor a few years ago at the VA-- concrete pieces did fall and knock out the ceiling panels above my head.
They also managed to flood our offices on more than one occasion!
Watch out-- we learned to cover all the computers with plastic tarps before we left at the end of each day!