February 8, 2010

I love my job...

...because every Monday a coworker brings in 2 giant boxes of Dunkin Donuts.
And the smell wafts over to my cube.
And I spend 5 minutes deciding which kind I want.
And then I sit in donut-rapture at my desk.
However, this place...not so good for the waistline.


morgan said...

I know the feeling. I just had a brownie for breakfast :(

Brandi said...

Oh, I miss Liz and the donuts. And I miss Terhune's and those donuts. And strawberries. And other delicious creations of the Princeton area.

You know, I didn't realize how spoiled I was living in NJ, so close to NYC. Even in NJ, a good Chinese place is no more than 10 minutes away, there's amazing Italian no more than 20 minutes. San Diego just isn't like that.