February 16, 2010

Last Night's Dream*

I was in an empty garage attached to a house. I was opening the door to leave the house and walk down the stairs and into the garage. A bear ran into the garage and Martin (my coworker who I'm not a big fan of) ran in with a 2x4 and hit the bear over the head. It was stunned. I took something like a fire extinguisher (although maybe not a fire extinguisher, and more like a can of Pledge) and sprayed it in the eyes continually until it was blinded. I ran out of the garage and pressed the code on the automatic door opener to it started to slide closed. I stood watching the bear stumble around inside the garage whimpering and moaning because it was blind and about to die. I felt really bad for the bear. Then I noticed that my mom’s laptop was open and sitting in the middle of the garage floor. The blind stumbling bear stumbled over and began throwing up on the keyboard. I was thinking “oh my gosh mama is going to be so mad!” The door closed then I opened it again and stepped over the bear carcass and did my best to clean the bear-vomit-strewn laptop so mama wouldn’t be mad.

More weird things happen which I can no longer remember, but they involved me and Martin being on a trip and being in some kind of European plaza.

Then we’re supposed to fly back home and Martin’s saying how he wants to go to Cairo and then Germany, on our way back to the US. I google map the trip and say it’s an 8 hour flight and that’s way too long and I don’t want to do that and it’d make way more sense and actually SAVE time for him to just fly home and go back to Cairo and Germany another time.

I woke up.

*better known as: don't eat pierogies at 10pm

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