February 22, 2010


...bright shiny ribbed goldenrod colored tights causes people to linger just a little too long on your legs in passing. Often results in an inquisitive look.*

*Would post a pic but camera on phone still. does. not. work.**

**Cannot bear to buy new phone because do not want full keypad. Do not want Internet access. Do not want $10/month data plan. Phone does not exist.***

***These tights also lack elastic. Getting baggy and pooling near ankles. Not so cute.


Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

I didn't want any of those things on my cell either. I ended up with a simple little flip phone with Verizon (via Costco) and it's perfect. :-)

Simply Fabulous said...

I totally hear you on the phone. I need a new one too (my battery doesn't like to last more than 1 day) but don't want to cough up any extra dough for an Internet package.

P.S. Would like to see the tights? I had this fabulous pair of cranberry tights that I loved so much. They were funky and fun!

K said...

so glad i'm not the only one re. the phone simplicity.

however, the few simple flip phones i DID find seemed to NOT have video. i'd still like photo/video capabilities. sigh.

Stacey Snacks said...

Have you seen my old phone?
It's embarassing, but I like the "old school" feeling.
My camera phone is blurry and I hope it never breaks, because I don't want to get an I phone either!