March 30, 2010

Blogs are Taking Over the World

And not in a good way.*
This Ready Made magazine article talks about how an "indie-minded couple" created "nontraditional engagement photos."

Basically, they name all of the bloggers they admire and particular posts they found inspiring, and how they then proceeded to incorporate those into their engagement session.
(Let me note, that I read all of the blogs they mention. They're great. I enjoy them. Good stuff.)
1. Why are you putting THIS. MUCH. THOUGHT. into your "nontraditional engagement photos"? Seriously. If you were so "indie-minded" wouldn't you say HELLS NO to paying for super contrived engagement photos in the first place?
2. Why can't anyone make a move anymore without consulting a blog/blogger for acceptable inspiration? God forbid if anyone takes a photo - an ENGAGEMENT photo - without copying ideas they saw on the Internet.
Just goes to prove my point, which becomes more and more apparent with every passing day:
Blogs thrive on jealousy.
They twist their readers' minds into little vortexes of envy, throwing them (readers) into inane states of emotional/materialistic depression as we compare ourselves to complete strangers across the world whom we know NOTHING about.
Freaking Internet.
*I realize the complete irony of complaining about this topic on my own blog.


Linda said...


Meg said...

The article was AWFUL. It was neat to get a mention in Ready Made, but I found it hilarious that it was in a post about engagement pictures, since I, you know, think they are the stupidest thing ever.

That said, I'm not sure ALL blogs thrive on jealousy and materialism. When I started reading blogs 10 years ago, none of them did, but there has been a sea change in the last 3 years or so. And I actually work super hard to stay away from both materialism and jealousy... though I find it really fascinating the way people often relate to things (weddings) they are inspired by with envy. Envy, which is so unhelpful. And not the point.

Meg said...

And we really need to talk about "indie" because BOY has that become it's own nightmare.