March 8, 2010

This Weekend

My cell phone officially bit the dust and i had to get a new one and it's really really really hard to find a normal phone i just want to make phone calls i do not want to play with apps or check my email or control my stock portfolio just make a few phone calls and so i picked one of the two - count them two - regular phones in existence at verizon without all the bells and whistles and then i got it home and have determined i hate it the keys are weird and impede my speedy texting so that was pretty lame then i got my haircut and something went horribly wrong and now i have unfortunately short bangs and look like a russian gymnast and then i went to try and exchange my crappy phone for another one but no no no there's a $35 restocking fee to return/exchange anything at verizon - is that not the biggest load of malarky you've ever heard? - so i sucked it up and figured i'd give it a try but wouldn't you know i still hate that damn phone and then i went to jareds and we had amazing burgers and fries and a dark chocolate shake at bobby flay's burger palace and my gosh you have to go and try it even though i was stuffed until the next morning and then we watched some good tv and i sucked down some mojitos and things were good except that honeymoon angst was trying to fight its way thru every other waking thought and sunday we spent the whole day researching and back and forth and deciding and what to do and then we decided and this morning we booked it so
its over.


Brandi said...

Breathe, Kathryn, Breathe.

Stacey Snacks said...

So, where are you going?
Don't keep me in suspense!