April 29, 2010

The Next Step in Wedding Insanity...

In a recent Gchat conversation, my friend and I have discovered the next big Wedding Industry Trend.
J: One of the girls who used to be an intern here just put her honeymoon pictures on facebook and there are many of her and her husband kissing in front of pretty scenerywhich leaves me wondering..who took them?

me: hahaha automatic setting? or prob just asking bystanders?J: and soem are like, a normal couple shot, and then them kissingso they saidtake onewait take another of us kissing

J: They don't look like timer shots but maybe

me: Or maybe they brought their wedding photographer on their honeymoon to capture all of the fun they were having! I bet that's coming. Seriously thats the next step in crazy wedding land.

J: Oh you're so right. Personal photographers. I don't doubt it.

Yep. That's what's next. A kamikaze honeymoon photographer to follow you around the beach and capture all of the fun memories you want to remember when you're old and wrinkled and dreaming of your young tan skin frolicking with your new husband on the beach.


Brandi said...

I just saw a post recently where the couple had their photographer stick around for the day after the wedding and take more photos then. I have no doubt you're absolutely right.

The Lil Bee said...

That is hysterical!!