May 5, 2010

Dear Will Schuester (Part II)

I knew that Glee had returned to it's regularly scheduled goodness (after last week's snoozefest ballad-a-thon) the minute you sang the first endearing notes of Ice, Ice Baby. Thank you to the producers for indulging me with a full 2 minutes of that delicious man singing and dancing in his preppy little khakis.

Glee, please never indulge in a Kristin Chenoweth-overload again. She's great. But she is not Glee.

The retro songs were an excellent choice.

The final "ballet club" number, however, was not.

Props to Lea Michele for teetering around in pointe shoes and Jonathon Groff for tossing her around the studio, but for anyone who has any knowledge of the ballet world... that number was freaking painful. Stick to the hammer-pants Glee.

{photo via here}

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Brandi said...

Fully agree.
The highlight of the night for me? Emma going off on Will. Just awesome.