May 27, 2010

(semi) Hypothetical decisions

  • As reasonable a price as you can find in the area

  • Perfect location

  • Completely renovated with brand new everything

  • Good feel

  • Nicest landlord imaginable who you know would fix a leaky faucet and perhaps even bring you chicken soup if you were sick

  • Kind of on the tiny side

  • Laundry in the basement, which you have to walk outside to get to

  • More expensive

  • Still close to the train, but for some reason the street makes you think of a haunted house

  • Landlord gives off a slightly sketchy vibe (via phone at least) and is hard to reach (read: always sends you to voicemail, but his mailbox is full and you can’t leave a message)

  • Much more living space

  • A private deck


merium said...

sketchy landlord is a deal breaker for me...years ago I lived in a house with the same laundry~a bit of a pain in the winter esp, but I'd choose it over the sketchy landlord...

scarletnite said...

first one definitely!

the sassy kathy said...

yes, the shady landlord is definitely a negative..... right @scarletnite? :)

Stacey Snacks said...

Go with the first one.
I brought Mrs. Gorton chicken soup for 10 years (Mtn Ave) and she never raised our rent once! and Henry got to plant the flowers of HIS choice!

Brandi said...

I'd take tiny with an awesome landlord over the sketchy landlord any day. Go for the first, definitely.

the sassy kathy said...

yes. the sweet landlord is a plus.

plus, there's just really good feng shui at the first place! lot to be said for a good feeling when you walk in...