June 8, 2010


Apartment lease?  Signed!
Registry?  Completed!
Wedding bands?  Purchased!


Current focus?  Sofa.
Sofas?  Difficult.*

*suggestions VERY welcome.


Anonymous said...

What rings did you end up getting? I'm getting married in August (eek, coming up!) and we are looking for bands..... I saw your post about all the ring options and totally related - especially since Jennifer Dawes jewelry was on my shortlist!

Thanks in advance :)

Linda said...

Might I also add to the list - wedding dress making a visit to seamstress accompanied by brand new shoes.
just sayin

the sassy kathy said...

@anonymous - we go to a lovely jeweler in my town. i ended up getting a very thin pave diamond band that fits perfectly with my engagement ring (also a band).

Anonymous said...

Thank you! We are twins...well, at least in the ring department. My engagement ring is also a band!

Good luck couch hunting. We got lucky and have a hand-me-down Room and Board couch that looks very mid-century modern, and I love it. We also just got vintage Eames chairs to go with our crummy IKEA table (baby steps). They stack wonderfully, which is key in small spaces. :)

the sassy kathy said...

@anonymous. stop being anonymous! :)

which room and board couch do you have? do you like? i was just wandering around their Soho store this wknd. found 2 couches that had potential.

also, sat in an eames chair for the first time. holy moly theyre freaking comfortable. too bad theyre a hundred billion dollars. whered you find yours? i can't bear to spend $400 for something that looks like simple plastic...

Sara said...

I'm not actually sure which style our couch is...it's pretty old, but has nice clean lines and wooden legs. It's great - comfortable enough and still our style.

I live in San Francisco and got my Eames chairs from a great couple that find and resell midcentury modern pieces. I got 4 for only $200 - a steal! Sorry to tease you with a Bay Area website, but maybe the people running it will know of someone on your side of the country?

Sorry I was being anonymous - old lurking habits die hard....

Stacey Snacks said...

You only have an aunt that is an antique dealer and sells mid century modern furniture.
We just sold 2 Eames style chairs for $200 each (I could've given you a family discount!).
Shall I be on the lookout?

Brandi said...

Congrats! And a double YAY for signing an apartment lease. I can't wait to see what you do.

I also have to tell you that at the bottom of this page, there's an ad of a bride with a shotgun. For an apartment hunting service. I get the joke, but it's still a bit scary...

As for the sofa, I can't help much there, except tell you that the boyfriend's parents recently bought a new sofa from Crate & Barrel that is HEAVEN.

Meg said...

I think we're getting a Room & Board couch too. One that does NOT look mid-century, thankyouverymuch, but still has lovely minimal lines. It's 'spensive, sorta (I was actually expecting them to be way over $1200-$1400...) Anyway, before you decide SIT ON THEM. Comfort is key.

Ah, the double banded girls, suddenly we're so chic ;)