June 1, 2010

Common Mistakes

  • Thinking your wedding - from the font of your invitations to the artsyness of your photographer - is a one-day indication of the entire state of your future marriage.

    • (Fortunately I have evaded this for the most part, being somewhat anti-wedding and not caring about many wedding details at all, save what gloriously delectable foods my guests and I will ingest that day... aside from The Weather. Hoping for Perfect Weather for your Perfect Day is dangerous. Who cares if its raining? Based on a number of blog weddings, rain makes for really nice artsy photos. But can't help but pray for cloudless sunny skies)

  • Thinking your honeymoon is a week-long microcosm of the state of your marriage.

    • For example, you are not necessarily going to your first choice destination because you are trying to avoid getting consumed by a swarm of mosquitoes who tend to have a particular fondness for the taste of your flesh, and you think that somehow this means your marriage will start off on the wrong foot (and which foot is that anyway?) and then all will go downhill because your hotel balcony did not have a private jacuzzi and when you return home everything will fall to pieces and blah blah blah crazytalk....

  • Thinking your city of residence and apartment will dictate the success of your marriage.

    • Because obviously the number of ice creameries within walking distance from your doorstep and the size of your linen closet will make all the difference in whether you and your new spouse will enjoy spending time together for eternity.

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Linda said...

Amen Amen!!!