June 21, 2010

Hi Room & Board!

 I notice there is an ad for your wares down on the bottom of my blog!
That is fitting because I have wandered around your Soho store for hours upon hours on 2 different Saturdays in the last 3 weeks.
I quite enjoy your Room & Board.
And hopefully I will be sitting upon one of your sofas in my apartment in the coming months
.... if it fits in said apartment....

(unrelated sidenote:  i am getting married kind of soon and have a kind of long list of things that still need to be done because when you're very adament about not caring about all the silly details of a wedding it kind of becomes a problem when you actually have to... you know... do things)

1 comment:

Fannie said...

AHHH Room and Board is so great. We invested in quite a bit of furniture from there last summer (bought at the SoHo store, which we still visit the way that some people visit their college campuses..) and couldn't be happier with it. Go for it! And happy wedding!!!!