June 2, 2010


So, it turns out registering is a wee bit overwhelming.
I consider myself a rather adept shopper, with a disturbing degree of in-store-stamina.
I did extensive research on Cooks Illustrated etc. to pre-select appliance brands and yadda yadda since who am I to decide which blender is better than another
(also an attempt to preserve Jared's sanity as I can sometimes have... difficulty... with decisionmaking).
And yet, walking into a giant store and being handed a scanner and then being tasked with picking out every.single. thing. you will EVER want and/or need in your future household...
it's kind of freaky.

Usually you shop under 1 of 3 conditions:

a) you wander around a store lusting after all of the lovely things you really can't afford and shouldn't buy

b) you enter a store with the direct purpose of selecting one particular item, then quickly leave before you find any more lovely things you can't really afford and shouldn't buy

c) you wander around a store lusting after all of the lovely things you really can't afford and shouldn't buy, but then on impulse buy one of them anyway, because you really have been quite good lately and deserve a treat 

Registry Conditions fly in the face of everything we are used to, because
you wander around a store finding lovely thing upon lovely thing that you really can't afford and shouldn't buy, and every time you just say "scan! scan!" and your diligent fiance scans the lovely thing and now there is an extraordinarily good chance that within the next couple of months, some very generous guest will purchase that very item and it will appear on a gift-wrap orgy of a table at a bridal shower or wedding reception.

really. really. bizarre.

*Though, don't get me wrong, I QUITE liked it. But it does just feel... odd.
**Also, people are REALLY nice to you when you register. The saleslady in BBB tracked us down to give us icy cold water bottles to replenish during our scan-workout - including a thoughtful papertowel wrapped around said bottle to protect our chilly little fingers.  And the saleslady in C&B gave us a lovely bag with a "thank you for registering here" gift. Getting married is rather lovely.

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