June 4, 2010

"What Pets Can Teach Us About Marriage"

Interesting article in the NY Times.

In summary:
"Do you greet each other with excitement, overlook each other’s flaws and easily forgive bad behavior? If it’s your pet, the answer is probably yes. But your spouse? Probably not."

(Full article here}


Meghan said...

Ha. My dog I love unconditionally. The love of my husband comes with conditions.

Meghan said...

And Kathy, we share the same feelings about HGTV. It is a trainwreck that I LOVE. Thank god we don't have cable and I only watch while in hotels!

the sassy kathy said...

ohhh yes. i mean don't get me wrong - i love hgtv b/c i have a serious case of real estate/design lust. but. ppl make me lol.