July 12, 2010


Do I pick the sofa that:
I sat in at the store. Was super comfortable. Has a higher back. Has nice wide arms at a comfy height that don't dig into my ribs. That isn't my ideal style. That looks a bit clunkier/bigger, especially in our teeny apartment.

Or the one that:
I have not sat in and is nowhere to be found, so is a bit of a risk. Has the same comfy cushions. Has a slightly lower back, which may not be as comfy to sit in, but will probably look better in our apartment, and might be easier to get up the stairs and thru the doorway. Has narrower arms which means more seating space.... yet might also mean less comfy arms to lean on. Is much more stylish.


*Note:  It's the same manufacturer and the same cushions, so they should sit the same...other than slightly different cushion height and arm size/height/length.


Brandi said...

Well, getting it through the door is a big deal, I'd say. And if it is the same manufacturer and has the same cushions, I'd be tempted to get the one you like more...

Carol said...


Stacey Snacks said...

Sit in it first, lay in it second.
especially since you are marrying a guy that likes to nap!