September 3, 2010

Organizing: Bathrooms

Our little apartment has 1 bathroom - one itty bitty bare necessities bathroom.
It's all new and nicely redone but, its small and we are severely lacking in storage space.
Sometimes I look around the place and panic a bit when I realize just how little storage there is, and just how much stuff I have....but. There are some really brilliant organizing ideas out there!
Attaching sheet metal to the back of a medicine cabinet to hang scissors and containers.
Attaching storage cups on the inside of a medicine cabinet door for upright items so they don't clutter your countertop.
Stylish cubbies to hold towels and medicine jars full of toiletries.
A vertical towel rack to make the most use of vertical space.
(because, as I'm learning, in small spaces it's ALL about the vertical space)

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Linda said...

Yes maam!!! Think of it as a challenge!!!