November 8, 2010


a list to capture the Most Productive Weekend Ever.
designed to serve as reassurance/inspiration in future lazy weekends:

day off.
dmv for two hours to register car in my name (grown up!) and change address on license (married!). took car to honda for recalled part (eek), oil change (just on time), new brakes (boo), etc. shorts hills mall with mama for some returns and breadsticks (mmm!). a night o' mojitos/get him to the greek relaxation with my NY-bar-passing-lawyer-husband!

day of errands.
by 10:30 we had already: done 2 loads of laundry. taken out the air conditioner and lugged down to basement. organized all stray papers floating around apt and set up new file cabinet. washed cookie sheets and other kitchen accessories i'd been dreading washing in midget sink. made/ate breakfast. then: dry cleaner. bank. bakery for The World's Best Donuts. verizon for 100 hrs to merge cell phone plans ("more official than wedding ceremony!" says jared) and watch husband buy fancy new phone while I mourn recent poor-choice of upgrade (aka, downgrade). spray paint from home depot. picked up car from honda. went to my parent's house and sprayed 2 rummage-sale lamps and primed 1 stubborn rummage sale lamp (winter gray and cornflower blue. pretty!). returned to apartment. new bruns for bolis at stuff yer face with all parental units to celebrate NY-bar-passing-lawyer-husband.

daylight savings.
longest day ever. clean. organize. 3 more loads of laundry. wegmans with the rest of the sunday crazies. barely made it to orgasmic deli before they closed - glorious turkey club and homemade potato chips. jets game. loafing. mad men. linguine with garlic and oil (and flat champagne) mushrooms and snap peas. work week preparations. goodnight.

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jenny d said...

Wow! I'm inspired.