December 7, 2010


work is super busy.
yesterday it snowed.
it is frigidly cold.
i am once again hunting for a new coat.*
i wish our kitchen sink was bigger.
i hate the dry heat from the radiators.
december is flying by and i'm feeling only minorly christmasy.
the glee christmas album is really good.
i need a week off to finish decorating our apartment.
that is all.

*to complete my collection. seeking long down coat that doesn't make me look like abominable snowman.


jenny d said...

Work *is* super busy. I was here until 10pm last night.

Yesterday it snowed, but *today* had to be the day I got rear-ended at the Pennington Circle.

I, too, need a new coat - but to replace the blue one I wear during spring/fall. I basically want another one exactly like it. Which seems to not exist. Sigh.

My kitchen sink has dirty dishes in it because I'm too tired to wash them. I wish Santa would bring me a dishwasher.

I do not feel very Christmasy yet either, but that could easily be attributed to the fact that I am staying late at work and getting involved in car accidents and still haven't decorated my fake Christmas tree (I really wanted a real one, but don't have a way to get one home) or figured out what I'm getting for people.

Perhaps the Glee Christmas album would help. I did love the preview duet of "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

Linda said...

Wow you girls need to come to Casa B and we will make Christmas Cookies and have hot cocoa! maybe that will help. with a dose of Ivy League Christmas!!!

Linda said...

PS the coat on saturday looked good!!! I thought Santa was loading it