April 26, 2011


It's not that I'm totally unhappy in my current job, or where I'm living, or anything close to that.
I am usually pretty happy at this job.
It's steady and secure. Great coworkers. I have responsibility and am good at my job.

That's the problem.
I could see myself staying here long term.

I had a similar relationship panic long ago....
I could see it working long term so thought I had to take a "break" and date around so I could say I'd done that.
It was a total failure.
I was unhappy and un-breaked asap.

Same thing.
My job is pretty good.
I could see myself buying a house and raising a family here.

And I'll never have left central NJ.*
Or gone out on a limb.
Or tried something new or risky.
I'll never have gotten the chance to live in NYC, which is something I've always wanted to try.

I'm afraid of limiting my options.

*Because at this job limits my options for living/doing so so much, because it's a traffic/commuting nightmare and you can't live more than 15 miles away or you're looking at a 2 hour commute.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You know, it doesn't hurt to look for possible NYC places and jobs.

Everything about the company is wonderful. I loved it there. I miss being there sometimes. But I'm also glad to be doing what I'm doing. I usually ask myself: if in 20 years, I look back on my life, what will I regret doing/not doing the most?

Carol said...

when making the comparison, in the first example, you should consider why you decided to stay!

Anonymous Girl said...

I have the exact same feeling about my life you know. So i'm moving, traveling around and try every options (okay maybe not every single one but most of them!)

There is my blog if you want to follow my journey :)