May 20, 2011

What a miserable rainy day.  Day 5 out of 5 this week.
And now on Friday so very close to the weekend it's even more impossible to sit here and pretend to look and act presentable in my little cubicle prison when all I want to do is run out of the building screeching and zoom right over to some cute little cafe and drink hot chocolate and watch the rain and read a book or talk to a good friend and not be working.

It all keeps coming back to that disturbing conclusion that I really don't think I'm meant to work - not full time - not in an office.  It's kind of a problem when 90% of jobs these days mean plopping yourself in front of that fuzzy buzzing screen under the flourscent lights and waiting for your butt to get numb.

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Linda said...

so what are we to do about this ongoing problem!!!