June 23, 2011

A few more things

- For the first time in my 26 years I made a successful ballet bun! (More or less. Minus all those little wisps sticking out everywhere).
But, one moment, you say. Haven't you been dancing for oh, 23 years? What about those 23 years of ballet bun-ness?
Well, my hair was short for a long time. And now my hair is long, but I remain completely inept.
So yesterday I watched some YouTube videos on "How to make a ballerina bun". Yes. I YouTubed it. And this morning I succeeded. And am oh so proud.

- I am wearing heels today. So I feel fancy. And less like a flabby lump deteriorating in her flourescent cubicle prison. 

- This morning I tried a new Wegmans bread. It's straight up wheat. I kind of hate wheat. 7-grain sourdough? Yes. Plain wheat? No. Gross. And now I'm starving. Surprise.

- It's Thursday. I'd really like it to be Friday.

1 comment:

jenny d said...

You should have gotten a cinnamon bun to go with your ballerina bun!