July 28, 2011

First Harvest

I planted some pots in our little yard this spring.
(aka mama planted pots. I watched and provided moral support)

Grape tomatoes. Cucumbers. Parsley. Dill. Basil. Mint.

The herbs have been flourishing, but the only thing I have managed to use at ALL is the mint. In fact, that mint has been quite WELL used. For.... mojitos.
We prioritize.

Anyway, despite the odds (never buying a tomato cage so the poor tomato plant is trailing all over the yard, unbearable heat, forgetting to water on any kind of regular basis) the veggies are finally yielding a HARVEST.

Those are my first 2 little tomatoes.
These are my cucumbers. One is normal. Two are yellow albino freaks. I think I did not harvest them quickly enough. Alas.

I have many talents. Farming is perhaps not one of them.

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