July 11, 2011

The Perfect Day

Saturday Brie and I went to Spring Lake for the. most. perfect beach day.
It was hot. Slight breeze. Not at all humid.
And the water was WARM. I kid you not. Beginning of July and WARM. 70 degrees. We were jumping in the waves for ages. I was squealing with delight the whole time. Literally.
Kathryn at the beach = regress to childhood.
BTOD (best time of day). After 4pm when everyone has started leaving and the beach clears out and it's quiet and peaceful and perfect.
No beach day is complete without the taste of glorious homemade italian ice on your over-salted oceany tongue.
Mango, chocolate, red raspberry, lemon.
After a quick change...ahem...in the car on a busy road...Pithari. Greek food and water water water after a dehydrating day of fun.

In my book, nothing tops this.
Beach + italian ice + greek = heaven.

PS - Isn't my new umbrella purty? Word to the wise: don't bother trying to buy a beach umbrella anywhere but AT the beach. Walmart - a huge patio-sized umbrella for $40. Target - nada. Little store on the beach - zillions of options for $17.

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Linda said...

Ah BTOD!!!
Sounds like a perfect Kathryn day!!!