July 25, 2011


Post-work Bent Spoon to start the weekend off right.
Cucumber lemon basil sorbet (yes. OH yes. has kind of a lemon verbana mojito vibe).
And Bourbon vanilla sea salt caramel (incredible).
Take-out Greek feast from Pithari.
Saturday: NYC to have brunch with a good friend I haven't seen in ages.
Walked 70-something blocks in the 100 degree weather.
Very sweaty. Blister on foot. Sandals caked in city grime.

All OK when capped off with Pinkberry fro-yo.
(I've always been an ice cream addict, but over the past 2 weeks have developed a rather severe frozen yogurt addiction.)
Sunday:  Made some rather beautiful-looking blueberry muffins. Cleaned and tidied and bustled.
Saw Friends with Benefits, which I thought was pretty adorable.
[Critics probably said negative things about it blah blah blah they are looking to have their world rocked by some cinemagraphic brilliance. Who cares? Not I. The movie was super cute, and Justin Timberlike is one tasty treat. And his character is adorable too. I'm a fan.]

After dinner drove to New Brunswick for more frozen yogurt. (Eaten so quickly that there was no time for photos. Oops).


Anonymous Girl said...

Life sounds good in NJ, after all ahaha! ;)

jenny d said...

That Bent Spoon combo sounds delish.

Stacey Snacks said...

Hey, I posted this lemon basil ice cream too! The blueberry basil was even better! YUM!