August 21, 2011


This past week we were away on a family vacation, and now the thought of returning to work tomorrow is making me whimper.
Pip went on vacation her grandhumans' house. 
She was less than pleased with the arrangement.
[Please know that I spent the week OBSESSIVELY reading Game of Thrones Book 3 - aka THE BEST ONE OMG. It is becoming a little (fine, a lot) embarrassing how addicted I am to these books. I literally COULD. NOT. STOP. I really reduced human interaction to a minimum so I could continue plowing my way thru the insanity of this book. It's sick. 
Since finishing, I've instituted a brief reading ban so that I may get other things in life accomplished. 

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Linda said...

Oh good!! we are all for the ban!! Missed you on vacation! hahaha KIDDING!!! You were enjoying it, especially, THE PART! and thats all that matters!!!