August 23, 2011


My First Earthquake.
There you go.
Sounds like the name of a My Little Pony episode or something.

It was very odd. Not how I'd have expected to feel. Not really earth-shaking, moreso just a sea-legs dizzy that made me think I was totally losing it and exaggerating. But no. Apparently EVERYONE feels dizzy in earthquakes. How bout that.

Jared booked it out of his very big, very tall, NYC office building and made it on a train before the crazy crowds came swarming.

Am I really expected to get back to WORK now?

me: it just stinks b/c its like
in nyc
there is NO good place
in a skyscraper? bad
outside of a skyscraper? bad
subway? bad
train? bad

Jared: Thats why I just booked it out of there
Had to jog down 26 flights and dodge fat people along the way
Then jog 1.5 miles and dodge smartphone zombies and large crowds of evacuees

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