August 15, 2011


This past weekend was wonderful. 
It was the first time we haven't had a single thing planned in who-knows-how-long, and also had the benefit of being pre-vacation weekend, which meant no pressing obligations to finish up before the work week started. 

Because there IS no work for us this week - only a narrow strip of sandy beach, BBQ chicken cheesesteak sandwiches, gummy worms and ginormous apple fritters.

Friday I get out early at work, so I made an exchange at Anthropologie, picked up a duvet for my sister, and indulged my 2-day-old fro-yo craving with a good friend. Had a mellow night clearing off the DVR and lounging on the couch.

Saturday was perhaps the most productive day IN THE HISTORY OF THIS APARTMENT.
I woke up and started cleaning and organizing before 9:30. Jared joined me, and we were literally doing chores around the apartment until 5 o'clock. 
We: cleaned the kitchen sink/drying rack/did dishes; cleaned the bathroom; vacuumed; tidied Pippi's little palace; did 5+ loads of laundry; mama came over and helped us hang 8 framed prints that have been languishing on the floor in a bag for ALMOST A YEAR; rearranged a bunch of lamps and stuff on shelves; and broke, and then fixed, the kitchen faucet.

Then we dropped off Princess Meow Meow at her grandhumans' house for a week at summer camp while we're frolicking at the beach. 
She was not pleased. Poor kitten.
We had dinner, cupcakes, and then upon returning home I very promptly fell asleep on the couch and had to be (literally) dragged to bed by ze husband.

Sunday, by contrast, was a rainy day o' nothing. 
Rare is it that this psychotic bustler can take a seat and relax for more than five minutes. 
Yet, after a Saturday of complete accomplishment, and a dreary drizzly Sunday looming, we woke up late and went straight to the couch where we watched about a hundred episodes of Franklin & Bash. Ate. Watched more TV. Read. Made peach streusal muffins (which became an ordeal since someone failed to use liners or spray the pan - aka heavy moist muffins refused to leave their cozy muffin tin home). Ate some leftovers. Watched more TV. And went to sleep exhausted from a day of utter laziness.

So rarely am I happy to relax and be lazy, but it was such a gloriously joyful day of giggling and no responsibilities, and made for the perfect end to a perfectly happy and wonderful weekend.

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Juliette said...

Happy lazy week-ends are the best!!