September 26, 2011

Watch: Up

Despite owning the movie for over a year, and listening to constant hype about how awesome it is, somehow Jared and I managed to NOT watch it until Saturday night.
And then we did.
And it was in.cred.ible.

I was crying within the first 15 minutes.
It always seems like animated movies shouldn't make you cry.
It's little pixelated people and animals, after all.
But no. Tears.

The story is just so good.
And the animation is mind-bogglingly fantastic.

If you need a laugh. If you need a cry. If you need some awesome animation.
Watch it.

Watch the trailer here.

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jenny d said...

I cried for the first 15 minutes of "Up" and the last 15 minutes of "Toy Story 3." And those are pixelated toys!