October 24, 2011

Charleston: Where we stayed

We ended up staying at a little boutique hotel right on King Street in downtown Charleston called Restoration on King.  It was originally built as luxury condos a couple years ago, but they didn't sell because of the current state of the housing market.  So, they turned it into a boutique hotel.
(The kind of boutique hotel that delivers breakfast to your door in a picnic basket each morning)

That said, each "room" is actually a fully equipped one or two bedroom suite.
And let me tell you, I would have moved in in a second.

This could have easily been my dream apartment.
I walked in and literally gasped out loud.
Hello lofty 20 foot ceilings.
Hello pristine modern bathroom.
(Shower = best. water. pressure. ever. Hello water massage.)
A true loft, the bedroom had only a half wall, which was shared with the top of the kitchen (below).
Sadly, we did realize that a loft or studio is NOT ideal for us - when I passed out at ten p.m. one night and Jared wanted to stay up, but had to turn off the TV and all the lights because everything was so bright/loud in the bedroom - he sat there in the dark reading sports forums on his phone and now says "HELLS NO" to the possibility of a loft/studio in our future. Alas.
But I digress.
HELLO exposed brick. Hello hello hello.
Hello giant windows...
...that looked directly over King Street and had giant ledges that proved to be the PERFECT stalking locale for this seasoned peoplewatcher.
And yes. Yes that IS a J.Crew right outside my window.
And yes. That is Market Street Sweets, from which I could see employees emerge with trays of samples of the Best. Pralines. EVER.

Our stay at the Restoration was very nice, though we did encounter a hilarious medley of little problems....
No bath towels....water leaking from the windows on a day of torrential rain....and the only one that truly bothered me, the sound of clomping shoes overhead from the room/hallway above us from 6:45am on...all. day.

Nevertheless, the staff and management were incredibly accommodating and helpful and apologetic about all of our little mishaps, and were incredibly kind enough to comp 2 of the 3 nights we stayed there.

I would definitely go back - but I'd make sure I stayed on the 3rd floor instead of the 2nd.

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