October 17, 2011

Full tilt

It has come to my attention that much of the population - nay, I'd even say the majority of humans - operate on a more rational, take-it-step-by-step, lower key kind of level.

I would like to meet these people.
I would like to talk to them about their level-headed and more easygoing approach.
I suppose I could ask my husband, because he is one of those people, but I am so busy full-tilting myself off an emotional cliff that there's really no point.

Let us take, for example, apartment hunting.
This past weekend, in the glorious fall chill, we went to see 3 apartments in Hoboken.
Two were barfy gross and undid me wanting to move to Hoboken.
The third was a delightful 1 bedroom (with a washer and dryer IN THE UNIT bestill my heart) in a historic brownstone on Hudson Street a block from the river.
It was mighty fine.

But things are expensive. So very very expensive.
Especially when one needs to bring their stupid car and park in a non-existent parking spot in Hoboken to drive the evilly long route to a job that is not very enticing to begin with.
So suddenly parking tacks on another $250 a month to your budget.
Do you know how many frozen yogurts I could buy with $250?
How many eggplant parm subs?
How many pairs of comfy ballet flats?
(actually, probably not that many)

So normal people might browse apartment listings. Contact a realtor. Since there is no deadline or urgency just leisurely go to look at apartments in a calm and relaxed fashion since, again let me emphasize, there is no deadline or urgency.

Except in the mental sense.
As in, my mental sense.
Because everything has to be donerightnow.
And decisions have to be made rightnow.
Because otherwise it's the dreaded inbetween time which causes much angst and suffering and emotional distress for those of us who like to have everything figured out, even though nothing is ever really figured out.

So now I'm back to obsessively stalking apartments in NYC, because honestly it'd probably be cheaper to live in the city and ditch that lame car and yet do I really want to be in the city 24/7 and could I handle all that hustle bustle and, let me just tell you...

People. It's hard going full tilt all the time.

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Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I know how you feel. This was exactly my attitude apartment hunting in DC. But you can take your time -- so just keep reminding yourself you're looking for the perfect one.