October 6, 2011

In which Princeton, NJ kills my soul

I think I've had about enough of Princeton, New Jersey.

Don't be fooled by it's charming exterior.
It's quaint, sure. It's a little suburban oasis floating on a sea of a very high stack of dolla dolla bills.

But, my friend, this place is a commuting pithole sent straight from the depths of hell.
I live 19 miles away. It takes me an hour and ten minutes to get to Princeton.

I'm convinced that somewhere in Princeton there resides a completely loaded and entirely malicious soul who spends his days trying to MAKE US ALL CRAZY.
While he is safely ensconced in his Hodge Road palace, he sends idiot drivers out onto Route 1 in droves. Puts up detours as he pleases. Sends construction vehicles out to linger in the midst of the highway for months at a time for no particular reason.

So yes. There are historical stone buildings enough to make any architect have sexy dreams for months.
There's an inordinate number of bakeries and ice creameries that will keep the sweet tooths permanently hyped up and happy. There's a J.Crew and good restaurants and a bunch of other adorable little boutiques that no one outside of Princeton can actually afford.
And there's so much traffic that you will stab yourself in the face when trying to drive anywhere to, from, or through the town.

Dear Princeton. You're the worst.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

But there is Bent Spoon...

jenny d said...

It occurs to me that perhaps someone bent the spoon in frustration after sitting in an hour and half of traffic to get into Princeton and then spent another half hour looking for parking.

Stacey Snacks said...

Honey bunch, I live 18 miles from lower Manhattan and it still takes me 2 hours on a Saturday night! I can relate!