October 27, 2011

A love story

Let me tell you a little story about boots.
Boots which I am more than a little infatuated with.

It's a long story.
I shall summarize (kind of):

On the search for tan/brown boots.
Tried on a pair of Frye's at a Nordstrom in Delaware.
Shocked that they fit my ginormous calves.*
Buy them.
Realize they are in fact still a little snug.
Realize that Frye actually makes a WIDE calf version.
Make special trip into NYC one Friday to visit Frye flagship store and make sure these are in fact the boots of my dreams.
Try on many pairs of boots.
Boots are nice.
Frye is nice.
Realize the ones I already bought are still my favorite - except I want the wide calf version.
Ironically, Frye flagship store does not have them in my size.
Must special order them.
They call me a week or so later and say they're out of stock.
I panic.
I realize Nordstrom actually carries the Melissa Button Boot in wide calf.
I order and they arrive in 2 days.

Initially I had been all "Frye frye frye. What's the big deal. Boots are boots. Expensive boots in this case."
But let me tell you.
You can totally feel the difference.
These actually have cushioning!
They conformed to my foot in about 3 hours.
Super comfy and super cute.


jenny d said...

Oh yay! I know how long you've been looking for these, and I'm so happy you finally found them!

Linda said...

Well I will be excited for YOU since I will never never own boots!! or probably shoes for that matter!! Wear them well !!!