October 28, 2011

Only in NYC

Peer thru the blurriness and focus in on the fact that a gentleman in a full-blown gorilla costume is carrying another gentleman in a cage. 

Also please note that this was a bagel place downtown.
They walked in like it was no big deal.
Here you can see gorilla man trying to sit down.
It is a slight challenge since, you know, he's carrying another dude in a cage.

Only in NYC would people think this is not hugely odd behavior.
Only in NYC would other customers in the restaurant crack up, pat the gorilla on the back, and say "I'm sorry man, I'm sorry, but I need to get a picture."
Only in NYC would the gorilla and caged man oblige the photo-taker by GOING OUTSIDE so he can get a better photo.
And, only in NYC, would the owner of the bagel shop be so accomodating that he moves the gorilla to a lower chair....takes the bagel sandwich off a tray and puts it on a small plate so the caged-man can fit it thru the bars of his prison.... and then grabs him a soda from the fridge and puts a straw in it - yes - a straw - and offers it thru the bars.

[spotted last Friday in the village]

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Linda said...

OMG!!!! It was hysterical. So glad you got a pic! Was just telling Jenny about it!!