October 4, 2011

Places I would like to live

Oh. hello. Please step into my super sexy lofty chandeliered living room.
Please to appreciate my 20 foot ceilings.
And all that orgasmic exposed brick.
Oh yes. Just my gignormous white cabineted kitchen. 
Is that more exposed brick in the bedroom? Why, yes it is!
A skylight in the shower? Yes. No biggie.

I could do with a few more windows in the kitchen in bedroom but, you know what?
I'll take it anyway.

1300 Hudson Street, B1
Hoboken, NJ

1100 square feet
1 bdrm/1 bath + den + finished attic space
Located on 2nd floor


{photos and listing via Reintell}

1 comment:

Linda said...

Not bad... Hmmm wonder what ELSE you could get for $3200 a MONTH!!!!!but very pretty. Maybe we should go buy some brick and get creative!!